About Us


We are a fully licensed franchise that focuses on mental health support for children through a series of, books, music. and animation.
Our Mission is to raise the bar on how we educate, communicate, and appreciate those who struggle with mental health issues. Our Medium? Adorable, authentic, and hilarious content designed to entertain the future of tomorrow in a meaningful way.

PROBLEM: 1 in 5 children have, or will have, a treatable mental illness by age 13
SOLUTION: Awareness, identification, normalization of treatment.
The time is now to talk about mental illness with our children. Covid and social media have absolutely wreaked havoc in our children, creating more anxiety and depression in this generation than any other.
Children need our help desperately, but there’s another obstacle in our way… attention spans are shorter than ever! That’s why we must deliver information through entertainment, talk to them in their language, in channels they recognize. It’s time to do a little good by having a lot of fun!

The Pups on the Pier mental health series is a pivotal step in what has already been an empowering journey for author Angela Abbate who has been outspoken about her own personal battle with anxiety. Afraid of dogs as a child, Angela has raved on the positive effects of getting her first puppy which has led to an undeniable passion of sharing her therapeutic experiences with dogs to the world. Pups on the Pier was cre-ated by Angela to raise awareness, create mindfulness, share solutions, inspire kindness (especially to yourself!), and offer information for others to safely enjoy the endless benefits of the remarkable creatures that changed her life.