Promoting Mental Wellness in Children with Pups on the Pier

Dive into this heartwarming series and join our beloved trio of furry friends, Chloe, Luna, and Sparky on their seaside adventures, journey of discovery, resilience, and friendship.  Let's bridge the gap between the world of canines and conversations about mental health, one paw at a time! Join us as we help reduce the stigma, normalize treatment, and celebrate diversity with the cutest, sweetest...Pups On The Pier!

Understanding Anxiety

Shaya's Worries

Embark on a reassuring journey with this adorable picture book, designed to empower children in conquering anxiety and worry in a delightful dog's perspective. Vibrant Chibi illustrations, this relatable story make "Shaya's Worries-Understanding Anxiety" a valuable resource. Equip kids with anxiety-busting tools, foster resilience and self-confidence, this empowering book offers families the guidance they need to support children through anxious moments. Ideal for parents, educators, and young readers.


Coping with ptsd

Sam's Scare

Explore this heartwarming picture book that gently addresses the challenges children and their loved ones face when dealing with PTSD. Through beautiful illustrations and relatable stories, "Sam's Scare" offers guidance, support, and hope. Learn effective coping strategies, strengthen family bonds, and promote open conversations. This sensitively crafted book helps families navigate PTSD together. Perfect for children and caregivers seeking understanding and healing.


Understanding the five stages of grief

Sparky's Sorrow

Dive into the world of ‘Sparky’s Sorrow,’ a touching picture book designed to help children cope with loss and understand the 5 stages of grief. Through engaging storytelling and beautiful illustrations, this book offers a gentle introduction to grief, emotional healing for kids, and guidance for families. "Sparky's Sorrow" is a heartfelt resource for children, parents, and educators, promoting empathy and resilience during challenging times.


A Dog's Guide to living your best life

Doggy Superstar

Unleash the fun with "Doggy Superstar", an exciting activity book, journal, and sticker book rolled into one! This social-emotional learning tool for kids features creative activities for self-expression, journaling prompts for personal growth, sticker page fun for interactive learning. Stickers available for order on our site. "Doggy Superstar" is the ultimate companion for young readers, offering valuable life lessons and hours of entertainment.


Kindness, empathy, and song

Bee Kind

Immerse in "Bee Kind" a Book on Kindness, Empathy, and Song. Explore this enchanting picture book that weaves the themes of kindness, empathy, and the power of song. With captivating illustrations and heartwarming song lyrics, this book encourages, acts of kindness, building empathy and sharing the joy of music "Bee Kind" is a must-read for families and educators, fostering values that inspire positivity and harmony. can even listen to the song in the link on the book!


A Bedtime story for kids

Luna's Lullaby

Drift into Dreamland with "Luna’s Lullaby A Bedtime Story for Kids". Embark on a magical bedtime journey with Luna in this soothing and enchanting storybook designed to ease kids into peaceful sleep, spark their imagination, and encourage sweet dreams. Share "Luna’s Lullaby" with your little ones for a tranquil, bedtime ritual filled with wonder and love.


Gratitude for God's Creation

Thank You God For My Dog

Embrace Gratitude with "Thank You God for My Dog" a book about appreciating our Creator. Discover a heartwarming book that instills gratitude in young hearts, connecting them to the Creator through the love of a faithful companion. In "Thank You God for My Dog", children learn to appreciate life’s blessings, cherish the bond with their furry friends, and express gratitude. Share this beautiful book with your little ones to nurture their spiritual connection and gratitude.


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