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Shaya's worry

Shaya's Worries is a rhyming children's picture book adventure full of laughs, love, mindfulness, empathy, humour and learning about sharing emotions and feelings when you are feeling anxious. Through an adorable and very inviting pup point-of-view and colourful vivid illustrations, this story celebrates multiculturalism, city life, and family life of a divorced single mom living in an urban waterfront city by the beach with her two children and new puppy. SUNSETS, BEACHES, HUGS, and PUPS, that's the GOOD STUFF!!! Shaya's Worries illustrates the incredible sibling relationship between a little boy and his younger sister Shaya whom is feeling anxious. Her new puppy Chloe is also feeling anxious, with the help of her new pup friends Lulu, a teacup Pomeranian, and Sparky, a Jack Russell, Chloe learns to share her feelings! The dog trio form a bond and become THE PUPS ON THE PIER!!! A safe place for everyone, this book is designed to help children understand and express their emotions, but don't's also a blast! A special welcome from us to you, please enjoy the first book, Shaya's Worries in The Pups On The Pier mental health series for children. This book is perfect for all the humour loving, pooch loving kids out there, complete with a sweet cuddly dog cast! Shaya's Worries is the perfect bedtime book!!! There's nothing to fear when you share your feelings like the Pups On The Pier!